"After a pretty serious skiing injury over 50 years ago, I permanently altered my spinal structure from hauling around a plaster cast, i.e. not walking correctly, for a full year. At the age of 72, this has manifested as pain in one hip that Tamara is addressing. I have had numerous modalities over many years to help but none has ever had such immediate and profound effect. Along with the specific exercises that I work with I am confident that this is the most effective approach in my quest to be pain free. She is thorough in her explanations of what she is working on and in a nutshell, it just feels right. I am so grateful that I found her."

Mary Mills, Bellevue, ID

"Tamarra Culp is amazing! After years of injuries and many aches developed over time, I thought no solution available. Her massage proved the only solution. She is incredible!!"

Patrick Maguire, Hailey, ID

"Whether you're still young & athletic or have a few more candles on your cake, a massage is a muscular vitamin. The question is do you get generic or the real deal. Tamara Culp is a Board-Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Therapeutic Massage. After an intake interview assessing needs & injuries, Tamara was the only Massage Therapist that didn't avoid the injured joints, but went to work to free up the the area that had been locked up in contracted pain for years. With her knowledge of anatomy & the body mechanics of sports, she was able to tailor her massage techniques to create spaciousness, mobility & rejuvenation. Many people offer Massage, not all are gifted. If you want to keep on doing what you're doing, call Tamara and book an appointment

Sue Ray, Vermont

"As a intermediate mountain biker and a wanna-be tree skier, I get my share of bumps, bruises and breaks. Tamara has been instrumental in quickly getting me back in the saddle and on the slopes.
Her experience is evident and is a major reason I have been able to keep up all my activities. Regardless of the type of massage you need, Tamara is an expert. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to improve their athletic performance. "

Charles D. Mueller, President, Synergis LLC, McAllen, TX

"I had been getting massages for years but didn’t understand the concept of bodywork until I started going to Tamara Culp. She is so much more than a traditional massage therapist. She is constantly learning new techniques and working in conjunction with me to gain feedback as to what is needed at each and every session. Her in depth intake along with her massage methodology helped me understand how to better monitor how my body was doing between sessions which made the body work more targeted and beneficial. She is truly a gifted, intuitive therapist who strives to help her clients be stronger, healthier and pain-free. "
Barb Seelye

"Tamara is a very gifted individual. She uses her talents for the benefit of her clients. Whether it's a massage or healing work, she asks the right questions, she listens, and she allows her gift to heal our bodies and souls. She is amazing...a truly genuine, caring individual. Very professional and committed to the client's needs."
Julie Story

"Tamara is an excellent massage therapist. I had monthly appointments with her for many years, and would have continued forever if I had not moved away. She is a natural healer, with many years of scientific study to fully understand the human body. I highly recommend her."

Charlene Ellingsen, Seattle, Washington

"Tamara is the real thing. I consider myself a connoisseur of massage and healing modalities and a session with Tamara is always a heavenly treat. Her knowledge and experience shine through her magical hands."

Deborah Fleischer, San Francisco Bay Area